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Private, safeguarded AI at enterprise scale

Prediction Guard is healing AI brokenness with blazing fast LLMs deployed to secure, private environments and surrounded by safeguards.

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Safeguards + Hosted LLMs

75% of most AI budgets goes to preventing AI malfunctions and setting up infrastructure. Jump ahead of your competition with scalable model endpoints seamlessly integrated with:

  • Security ChecksFor new kinds of vulnerabilities like prompt injections.
  • Privacy FiltersTo mask or replace PII in model inputs.
  • Output ValidationsFor preventing hallucinations (or "wrongness") and toxic outputs.
  • Compliant Data ProtectionsTo maintain HIPAA and make sure you can get a BAA in place.
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    Enterprise scale and without sacrificing performance!

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    Recently highlighted by Intel's CTO Greg Lavender at Intel Innovation:


    Healing AI brokenness

    Prediction Guard has built something that solves the main problem I have had working with language models.
    Ben BrameFounder and CEO at Contango

    Real AI value

    Our team used Prediction Guard to process email data for a new e-commerce offer planning model. This resulted in $146k of additional sales this month!
    Tori McQuinnMarketing Director at Antique Candle Co.

    Reducing AI engineering costs

    Overall, I must tell you that PG reduces coding overheads drastically.
    Shirish HirekodiTechnical Manager at CVC Networks


    What models do you support?

    In our multi-tenant (shared) platform, we support the best open LLMs currently available including those from the Llama 3, Mistral, and deepseek families. In single-tenant deployments, you can tailor the model mix to fit the needs of your company!

    How does Prediction Guard protect our data?

    We don't store, log, or cache any prompt data flowing through our system. We couldn't train models on your data if we wanted to! And if that isn't good enough, we can deploy a single tenant of Prediction Guard for your company that can only be accessed from your network.

    Can I use LangChain and LlamaIndex?

    Yes! We love LangChain and LlamaIndex! In fact, we have an official PG LLM implementation in the LangChain codebase.

    How can I integrate my company data?

    95% of use cases can be solved using a methodology called "retrieval augmentation". This is great, because all data can be stay within your company's infra.

    Are you HIPAA compliant?

    Yes. We can sign a BAA.

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